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Magic Door | About Us

This is a page dedicated purely to describe what it is that we do, and who we are.

Magic Door | Our Origins

Magic Door was started as a small project by McSwampy to mainly test code that links to external databases. After a few years, Magic Door was descovered as the test pages remained active. A company was interested in the code that they saw. Magic Door was established shortly after, in 2017. Magic Door became a South African based server creation company. Magic Door only setup and managed servers. This continued to maintanance and to the full company it is today. As the work became more than Magic Door could handle, as resources began running low, some projects were outsourced. This became the main function of Magic Door.

Magic Door | Outsourcing

Magic Door members are stationed all over the world. These people are not part of any outsourcing company, but do freelance work, or work in a coding environment and spend their spare time coding for Magic Door. Projects are assigned to our selection of team members by the experience required versus the experiece of set member. Our members assigned to any project, will only work on that project until it has been completed, or is canceled by the client. Members assigned to any project will be hand picked to ensure that the client recieves the best equipt team member of Magic Door for their project.

Magic Door | Join Our Team

If you are interested in becoming a member of our Magic Door team, please Contact Us and we will send you an application. Once the application is recieved, please fill out all forms and submit it back to us. If your application is considered a resource to our team, we will send you a link via e-mail. This will contain a small test in your selected language. Once completed, we will review how you solved our issues layed out. Once we are satisfied with your results, we will add you to our list of team members and we will send any projects in your experience to you. Once a project is complete, all funds will be transfered to your bank account. This could take up to 5 days to complete the transaction.